Track User Activity Across Multiple Channels & Uses Key Audience Insights to Optimize Ads

What is EventFlow?

EventFlow is WD360 Marketing's secret sauce: a channel-specific event tracking feature that tracks website shoppers and their behavior, establishes critical events that take place before/after a user takes action, and sends key data back to active channels to increase conversion rates for your client’s and make their ads more powerful + efficient.

How Does EventFlow Work?

WD360 Marketing's EventFlow works by integrating with the Pixel(s)/Tag(s) of a dealer’s active advertising channels in WD360. EventFlow gathers user data across various channels and measures user interactions attributed to WD360 Marketing's powered campaigns, like:

Captures full-funnel events occurring on each advertising channel (i.e., initial website visit -> VDP interaction -> conversion), and sends the data back to all channels for retargeting and algorithm optimization.

Ensures that all events captured are accompanied by any vehicle associated with the event, if available, to make future dynamic advertising efforts on other channels more customized + powerful!

Identifies search events/commonalities to send channels categorical keywords, like used vehicles, used Ford F-150s, new sedan, etc. without any additional configuration.

Gathers key auto shopper insights that enable cross-channel retargeting to maximize your dealer client’s reach.

ANY user activity that matches one of our custom events criteria will trigger a WD360 Event to “fire,” and the Pixel/Tag is automatically delivered to WD360.

Data captured by EventFlow will then be checked to ensure it is in the optimal format and qualifies as revenue-driving action.

Events that qualify as revenue-driving action will be sent back to a dealer’s active channels for use and different objectives.

Maximizing Dealership Outcomes with AD Optimization

Audience Creation

Target better, more specific audiences through list-building automation. Access Website Custom Audiences + Dynamic Audience Creation using ViewContent/Lead Events. (Example: retarget users from “VDP Views.”)

AD Optimization

Choose different events to optimize ads for! WD360 automatically reformats each event for use and various objectives.

Performance & Attribution Analysis

Get key insight on the performance of your ad campaign(s) and attribute results back to your ad spend for a clear ROI.










Be present on multiple channels to reach the right user, with the right message, at the right time, where they are spending time! Remove limitations and unlock more opportunities for ad personalization that drives conversion + take advantage of cross-channel micro-targeting.